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Tarot Reading

Tarot is very spiritual oracle form of reading directions in life can be confusing whether its career decisions or love.

Everyones circumstances are different and I use the tarot in a way of finding answers or solutions. I have modernised the cards over the years and I spent over a decade teaching tarot.

In my readings you will enjoy a full tarot spread, plus any questions you wish to ask about your life and future.

Coffee Cup Readings

Mostly recognised as an artistic form of reading the future, I learnt this very early in life through my arabic background. The accuracy is amazing. People often give me feedback how much happens as was described in the coffee cup reading. You often get initials and numbers that relate to the person


Crystal Healings are available using crystals and oil.


Viking era. They are soulful. A direction to take a pathway to help decide your journey on love, family or fertility questions are answered directly with the runes.

Mary’s FREE Monthly Guidance for May

What a powerful month of female energy and grace 

Yet The tarot card that formulates for may is the hierophant funny enough a male bishop/ like priest meaning 

Being a Taurus period it does resonate with the astrological spirit and strength of its symbolism. 

Let’s put it in English 

May / Taurus / 

The prayer time of mothers and eternal spiritual guidance to show unconditional love to heal others and guard their loved ones. 

Goddess isis was a healer 

She was a spiritual being where men feared her but respected her many gifts 

A powerful force back dating to the Egyptian gods period 

Then you have the ever faithful mother mary 

Grace and forgiveness equally a measure of carrying any burden or blessing 

The sacred mother of light and mercy. 

The month of may is known also the month of mary 

As for the high priest

 (or hierophant )

The keys to wisdom and knowledge to advance in understanding and with great patience, 

To help and guide others 

To seek counsel whether it be for spiritual growth or the material world we wish to understand and seek. 

It’s partial and wise in its own simplicity 

Modernise and you have the education is key 

The knowledge is a part source but the wisdom is also another key to understanding and being aware and compassionate 

What’s theory without understanding the human bond

Touch and affection just as much soulful for a taurean. 

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Amethyst gemstones are associated with violet strength because of their mystical vibrations and tranquility

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